James sets time targets for 2015
31 03 2015
James Ellington
James sets time targets for 2015

Sprinter James Ellington says he has a time he wants to achieve at both 100 metres and 200 metres in 2015, but has not decided to make just one of the distances his particular focus, preferring to keep his options open as he works towards the World Championships in Beijing this summer.

“I’d like to at least run 20.2 seconds for 200 metres,” declared the talented sprinter, whose personal best of 20.44 seconds was set last April.

He added: “I ran just over 10.1 for 100 metres last year and I reckon I can run really fast if I focus on it and I’m aiming ultimately for 10 seconds flat.”

Speaking from his training camp in Florida, where he is preparing for the season with his coach Linford Christie’s training group, he said: “In our country we’ve had a tradition where sprinters focus either on the 100 metres or the 200 metres, whereas in other countries like the United States you’ll find athletes doubling up in the sprints whether it is 100m and 200m or 200m and 400m.

“This year I’m not going to make the aim one or the other, just find some races in both and then work towards the British Championships.”

These act as the trials for the World Championships in Beijing and James knows he will have to race and compete well to make the Great Britain team.

“British sprinting, in terms of the quality of competition at the top, is the healthiest it has ever been – we’ve not had this much depth and talent ever,” he said.

“My coach, Linford Christie, was at the top on his own when he was competing but now we’ve got five to 10 people who can all run about 10 seconds for 100 metres or just over 20 seconds for 200 metres.

"Down the years, we would be looking for people to fill slots in the relay teams and now we’ve got many people to choose from,” he concluded.