Medal Standard – a company with a difference
Medal Standard – a company with a difference

Once James has finished competing in athletics, he has a dream of setting up a company to help others stride towards their dreams of competing.

He said: “I’m putting things in place for a company which I want to set up when I finish competing, which is called Medal Standard.

“I’ve seen a lot of people running companies and ‘sports for all’ schemes and paying people to go into schools and places like that, but a lot of them haven’t been top level athletes.

“I want to get international athletes involved to deliver training sessions, where groups such as schools or even the general public can book professional athletes to train them.”

The company would benefit athletes as much as the people they would be helping to enjoy the sport at grass roots level.

“I speak to a lot of the guys in athletics and I don’t think people realise that it you’re not the top dog in your event then there isn’t that much money in sprinting.

“A lot of athletes you see on television during the season are still doing part-time jobs to earn money elsewhere.

“The company isn’t something I would launch until I’ve stopped competing because I want to be able to concentrate on it, so it is a while down the line yet but I’ve started to put a number of things in place now.

“I want to focus on my career at the moment, particularly with the World Championships coming up and then the Olympic Games in Rio next year.”