Ellington helps Trekstock support cancer patients
11 01 2016
James Ellington
Ellington helps Trekstock support cancer patients

James Ellington, an ambassador for Trekstock, recently took part in a question and answer session about his sporting abilities for the charity which offers cancer support to young adults.

It was part of Trekstock’s Insights series, where young people are given the chance to put questions to experts in their field.

Questions for the London 2012 Olympic sprinter and British Champion ranged from what advice would you give someone who wants to start building fitness to five tips for remaining motivated.

“Don’t run before you can walk, take it step by step, starting with small things,” was his advice to those starting out. “Try and stay focused on the reasons you are doing it and just concentrate on yourself,” he said about blocking out distractions.

Revealing what helped him remain motivated included “using other people’s doubt,” as well as “knowing and remembering what achievement feels like” and “making my family proud”.

Some of the young people had poignant questions, based on finding exercising challenging, or not being at a fitness level they want to be, because of illness.

James’ advice included:

“Nobody can always feel 100%, there are days when I struggle and days when I sail through my training…. As an athlete I have experienced many set-backs, these have ranged from injury, to non-selection. The main thing you have to maintain at all times is your mental belief.”

For the full interview visit the Trekstock website.